Sabtu, 09 Februari 2013

You and Me Walking In Different Rail

You and me are like two trains that run on different rail.
Walking from different stations.
Walking in the different rail.
One day we met.
One, two,three into our journey.
You very friendly to me, share friendship symbols.
One day of us interested .
And one of us realized.
We have different rail.
our destination may be the same, or different. Don't know
Direction we may be the same, or different. Don't know
Like it or not, this is an option.
Sure, This the Best Choice.
Because the best things that happened.
now, may not, or delayed for walking together .
For sure we never intend to hurt each other.
One of us will give in who's passing.
You and I will be back.
in each other destinations. ..
at the moment, I don't want to see you like day ago ..
Let me change my schedule ..
I pray, immediately I hope your train  stop at the last stations.

Note : 8 Februari 2013, Try To Ikhlas. Bismillah.

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